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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Focus Groups:

SIGs are groups of people with a shared passion or interest in a specific topic, hobby, or field. By participating in an SIG, members can deepen their knowledge in a specific area, connect with other professionals, and contribute to the industry.

Join a group, start a discussion, get involved and contribute as you learn too!

Start exploring and connect with your peers.

  1. Entrepreneur's Club
  2. Author's Corner
  3. Digital Desk
  4. MEDIA MAVERICKS: Branding & PR
  5. Social Media & Influencer Marketing
  6. The Orator's Workshop
  7. The Coaching Club
  8. Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Each SIG will be led by a Lead and Co-Lead, and we are calling on our members to step forward and express interest in taking on these leadership roles. Your valuable contribution is highly regarded appreciated.

Responsibilities of SIG Leaders:

  • Coordinate and lead SIG activities.
  • Organize and facilitated the focus group (15-20 members) recommended.

Types of Meetings:

  • Informal Meetings: Casual gatherings to foster networking and open discussions.
  • Mastermind Sessions: Collaborative problem-solving and idea-generation sessions.
  • Call-in Speakers: Inviting industry experts to share insights and knowledge.

Frequency of Meetings:

Ideally, we aim to have at least one SIG activity every six to eight weeks to ensure consistent engagement and progress.

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