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Speaker's Idol

Speakers Idol 2024: The Road to Excellence!

Speakers Idol is a thrilling, fun, and healthy competition held by that encourages self-discovery and speaking mastery for Associate Members of APSS. This is an amazing opportunity for you to share compelling stories on stage and learn from your peers as you elevate your speaking skills and compete for the spotlight to shine at the APSS Speaking Convention (APSC) in May 2024.

Registration opens from the 1st of January 2024 to 22nd January 2024 2359 hrs

Who Can Participate? APSS Associate Members (AMs)

Here’s how to participate:

Pre-Speakers Idol:

  • Interested members must submit a 90 second teaser of your speech by 22nd January October 2359 hrs.

Pro-tip! Use the first 20-30 seconds to introduce yourself, and the remainder of the time to share a teaser of your speech. Give us a synopsis on what you’ll be talking about and why we should listen!

  • The top 8 will be selected and notified with further instructions.

Submissions Review

  • After submissions have been made, our judges will be looking through your 90 second teasers and selecting submissions based on the following:
    • Clarity of audio
    • Ease of understanding your message
    • Oratorical skills
  • Members who have been selected will then be notified and will progress to the next round Speakers Idol 2024.

Rounds 1-3, including Finals

Selected members will go through 3 rounds of competition, with each round having lesser competitors for the winning opportunity to speak at the Convention.


The Champion of Speakers Idol 2024 will speak on Day 2 (10th May 2024) of the Convention! 

JOIN SPEAKER'S IDOL (Registration is open 1st Jan 2024)

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