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Workshop Weekend (WW@APSS)

Elevate Your Speaking Skills and Expand Your Horizons

What is the APSS Workshop Weekend?

This is not like the APSS Monthly Meeting or the typical Masterclass but more!

The APSS Workshop Weekend is an intensive weekend program (half or full day) designed to empower attendees at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. These enriching workshops are more deep dive, hands - on sessions and are structured to equip you with essential skills, tools, and knowledge in a particular targeted area of expertise needed by you!

These support you to excel in the dynamic and constantly evolving world of the CRAFT and the BUSINESS of professional speaking and its offshoots, like creating a digital business footprint, strutting your stuff on Social Media professionally with a personal touch, growing your Impact through and Influencer's lens and following, and much more!

We aim to provide insights that you can immediately start implementing in your own companies.

Through focused content and facilitation by the Workshop host, you get access to information from the region's experts on how to harness new platforms and products, disruptive breakthrough business practices, technologies, AI to boost your speaking or coaching/ training business to sustainable growth be it in the area of your Stagecraft, sales, or marketing, etc. 

Who Should Attend:

The Weekend Workshop is perfect for speakers, trainers, coaches, authors, and anyone aspiring to make a mark in the world of professional speaking. Whether you're just starting your speaking journey or seeking to refine your skills, the WW@APSS is tailored to your needs.

Please Note: It is open to all Members and Guests of APSS (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore).

Why Attend the Workshop Weekend and What to Expect?

️Interactive Sessions: Engage in lively discussions, practical exercises, and speaking challenges to reinforce your learning.

Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the speaking profession, from successful speaking strategies to marketing and branding techniques.

Connect with Peers: Connect with a diverse community of fellow speakers, mentors, and industry influencers who share your passion for speaking. Network with fellow speakers and industry experts, fostering relationships that can open doors to new opportunities.

Continuous Learning with Engaging Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops led by accomplished speakers and trainers who are experts in their fields. Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and the latest tools to stay competitive in the speaking world.

Business Growth: Discover strategies to elevate your speaking business, from effective marketing to client relationship management.

Personalized Growth and Development: Receive constructive feedback and personalized coaching to identify and overcome your unique challenges. Unlock your full potential as a speaker/coach/trainer and leader. Gain insights into personal growth and self-improvement as well!

Invest in Your Speaking Journey:

Are you ready to invest a transformative weekend in honing your speaking prowess and gaining valuable insights to propel your speaking/training/coaching career?

Your speaking career deserves dedicated time and attention. Mark your calendar for the next APSS Workshop Weekend and prepare to elevate your speaking/business/leadership skills to new heights.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop details and registration information and join us at the APSS Weekend Workshop, where you'll embark on an immersive journey of growth and discovery.

This is your chance to embark on a transformative weekend that can make all the difference in your speaking career.

Speak, Inspire, Succeed. At WW@APSS i.e. the APSS Workshop Weekend - Where ALL Members Flourish.

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